The commercial activities at Hipan trading company are bifurcated into three vital groups :
Betel Nuts
Dry Fruits
Betel Nuts
Hipan believes in high sheer quality and so imports from the best of the sources and origin available i.e from Indonesia, Thailand, etc..
We Supply betel nuts to the manufacturers of sweet suparai,ghutka,mouth freshners etc..
In spices world, Hipan deals majorly in cassia, star anise, black pepper and ginger which are imported from Veitnam and China.
Cloves, nutmegs and mace of premium quality are imported from Srilanka, Madagascar and Zanzibar.
We supply raw materials of spices to the manufacturers of spices powder, wholesalers, retailers etc.
Dry Fruits
To provide the domestic market with superior quality dry fruits, Cashew nuts are carefully sorted and imported from Vietnam.
Dubai supplies us with first grade quality of pistachios,figs and raisins.
We do supply dry fruits to manufacturers and wholesalers and undertake bulk gift orders.
We are a growing company active in the Trading ,Imports & Exports of Spice Products viz Seed, Ground and Blended spices and various Dried Products.
We focus on providing value added products aimed at creating a strong competitive advantage for our clients in a market with rapidly changing trends.
We offer our customers a wide range of products like Betel Nuts,Split cassia,Broken cassia, Star anise, Cinnamon ,Cloves, Nutmegs, Mace, Black Pepper and many other products…
Across the globe HIPAN is committed to offer its premium products to its customer with food safety while making sure that all public health requirements are fulfilled. Our business is to sell the highest quality foods we can find at the most competitive prices possible.
We make use of high quality packing material to avoid wear and tear of the fragile goods of the customers.Our team members take extra care of sophisticated items during the packing and unpacking and loading and unloading process.
Our search for quality is a never ending process involving the careful judgment of buyers throughout the company. This dedication and passion to what we do have led us all the times to become a leader in the domestic and international market.
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